Month: August 2022

Everything You Need to Know About the Small Pimples on Your Arms

Aug 30, 2022431 Views

Getting a zit on your face right before an important day can be such a downer. But spotting tiny or small pimples on arms is even more of a setback. Although it’s a pretty common skin condition, not to mention harmless, pimples can be a sign that your skin is asking for help. How do […]

Left Arm Pain Anxiety: What it is & How You Can Treat it

Aug 15, 20225494 Views

Have you ever suddenly felt a sharp stabbing pain in your arm? Or perhaps felt like it was being pricked by thousands of tiny needles, all at once? If so, that could be a sign of left arm pain anxiety. But before you spiral, let us tell you what exactly causes the pain and how […]