Do You Know the Four Common Causes of Itchy Ears & Throat?

Itchy ears and throat signify several health conditions. Still, most commonly, they occur due to the common cold, allergies, and viruses. They do not indicate a severe health problem, and you can always treat them at home. In this post, we will briefly go over some common causes your ears and throat might be itching.

  1. Hay Fever
    Also called allergic rhinitis, hay fever occurs when your immune system reacts to a seemingly harmless trigger. Your body fights the allergen, which causes an itching sensation in your ears and throats. Moreover, it can also cause swelling and irritation. Pollen, dust mites, mold, animal fur, smoke, and perfumes can trigger allergy symptoms in your body. Apart from itchy ears and throat, these symptoms also signify hay fever:

    • Itchiness in mouth, skin, or eyes.
    • Runny and/or stuffed nose
    • Coughs
    • Sneezes
    • Fatigue
    • Swollen and watery eyes.
  2. Other Allergies
    Allergens make your immune system react with an allergic reaction. Thus, if you suddenly have itchy ears at night or at any random time, know that it can be because your immune system was exposed to a trigger. These include:

    • Food allergies. They can develop later in life and often require immediate medical attention.
    • Allergies caused by drugs or medication. Your body can react to an ingredient or substance in your medicine like it would to a germ. Therefore, if you notice itchy ears and throat, see if they occur when you start a new course of medication.
  3. The Common Cold
    Colds are fairly common, and they are a possible cause you might have itchy ears and throat. They are generally not a cause for worry, but still can be very inconvenient. Colds occur when someone with an infection coughs or sneezes into the open air. This can cause the droplets with the virus to spread and infect whoever is exposed. Runny nose, cough, body aches, and other cold symptoms will occur. The cold goes away within a few days, but inform your doctor if the scratchy feeling persists for long.
  4. Ear infections
    When your ear has fluid build-up or excessive ear wax, it can lead to an infection. You will experience an itchy throat and ears at night, perhaps during the day, or any other time at the early stages of the infection. Your doctor will suggest a course of antibiotics for the infection. However, if your ears still have the infection, they might suggest a surgical procedure.

Itchy Ears and Throat Home Remedies

Your doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment for your itchy ear and throat. But there are a few home remedies that you can try:

  • Use nasal sprays, humidifiers, or decongestants to moist your ears and throat.
  • Honey is commonly used for relieving irritation in the throat. You can use a couple of spoons of plain honey or even add it to hot tea.
  • Lozenges can also help soothe itchy ears and throat. However, they put children at risk of choking, so avoid giving them any.
  • OTC eardrops
  • Avoid putting cotton swabs or anything solid in your ears.

Key Takeaway

Itchy ears and throat are common symptoms of colds, viruses, allergies, and infections. Although they are not a cause for alarm, they can still be quite frustrating. However, they go away with the problem. But if you have a persistent itch in your throat and ear, you need to visit your doctor. Our skilled and expert team at Paramount Family Medical Clinic & Med Spa is always here to deal with any issues you might have. Dial (281) 372-6892 to get an appointment.