Does Your Head Hurt When You Move Your Eyes? Here’s What You Need To Know

Have you ever been so tired that even blinking your eyes seems like a chore? Does your head throb in pain when all you want to do is scroll through your phone? Are you wondering what causes your head to hurt if you move your eyes too much? If so, then there’s a high chance you have a full-blown headache rolling your way.

5 Reasons Your Head Hurts When You Move Your Eyes

There are various causes behind the pain that may linger behind your eyes, but the top reason for that could just be a headache. However, that might not be the case for everyone. Let’s try and identify the symptoms of your throbbing head, especially if it’s concerned with the movement of your eyes.

  • Eye Strain
    Let’s face it. As entertaining as it is to scroll through the videos on your feed, this simple gesture could harm your eyes. Ensuring our eyes get the break they deserve is vital, no matter how tempting.

    If your eyes feel heavy and tired when you move them, accompanied by a shot of pain racing through your head, then there’s a high chance you’re suffering from eye strain. Just rest your eyes and take some time out to ease the pain. Maybe even try to sneak in a bit of sleep if possible.

  • Sinusitis
    Sinusitis – more commonly known as Sinus – is when you’re going through an allergic reaction caused by specific triggers or irritants. Ranging from fever to pressure behind the eyes and head, sinusitis can be tricky to handle.
    Usually, taking pain relief medication works wonders.

  • Migraine
    Everyone has experienced the pain of migraine. The constant throbbing on one side of your head only seems to get worse when you move your eyes. The simplest task can seem like a boulder to push through.
    Migraines are, in most cases, funneled by an irregular sleeping pattern, unhealthy dietary changes, external stimuli (bright lights, loud sounds), and stress.

    To rid yourself of the pain, give yourself enough time to rest and remove yourself from any strong stimuli that may be present. Taking pain relievers might also work.

  • Tension Headache
    Like a migraine, a tension headache may contain symptoms like slight nausea, throbbing pain behind the eyes and head, stiff neck, body pain, or high sensitivity to light and sound. There are numerous causes for a tension headache. However, if you have vision problems, it might be the core reason. Even anxiety, dehydration, or overexertion could set it off.
  • Nerve Damage
    Although this may be rare, the reason behind you feeling disoriented simply by moving your eyes could be because of nerve damage. That is to say, anything from Amblyopia to Optic Neuritis or Corneal Ulcer could be the culprit. If the pain remains for long and doesn’t go away, seek a medical professional immediately.

The Cure

It may seem like a hoax, but you can easily fight off your headache. Just follow a couple of these tips to prevent yourself from any further suffering.

  • Get your eyes checked.
  • Use eye drops before sleep and after prolonged use of screen time.
  • Follow a proper sleeping schedule.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Try to exercise regularly.
  • Take pain relief medication only when needed.


So, if your question was, ‘Why does my head hurt when I move my eyes?’ The leading reason for that could be a headache. There exist multiple ways that can easily wipe off the pain. However, if the pain persists for long, seek immediate medical care. Call Paramount Medical Clinic & Spa at (281) 372-6892. And remember, Your health is always in your hands.