In-Office Lab Tests, Houston TX

In-Office Lab Tests
Having the facility of getting a test result without delay makes the diagnosis, and the treatment process easily and quick. Paramount Medical Clinic and Spa provides the facility for performing a urinalysis, urine pregnancy testing, flu testing, and strep testing at the clinic. We also offer a discount of up to 80% to our valued members on the lab tests that we also collect in our office.

You can conveniently view your results in the patient portal and discuss any concerns with our providers over the phone, our secure messaging app, your patient portal or an office appointment.

We provide comprehensive Health Care for You and Your Family to help you get healthy and stay well

Getting a doctor who listens to all your concerns in detail without being in a hurry to take the next patient is a blessing. At Paramount Medical Clinic and Spa, our health care specialists listen to all your health concerns and help to organize your appointment with a specialist, if needed.