STD Testing & Treatment, Houston TX

STD Testing & Treatment
Sexually transmitted diseases, commonly known as STD, are diseases that are acquired by sexual contact. The disease transfers from one partner to the other through blood, semen, or other vaginal fluid. There are chances where STD transfers without sexual contact. Such instances may include the transfer of disease from mother to child during pregnancy or through blood transfer or needle prick.

STD does not show symptoms until the condition of a patient becomes severe. Therefore, it becomes difficult to identify a person with STD. Several STDs can transfer from one partner to the other like chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, hepatitis B, syphilis, trichomoniasis.

Treating an STD is important because if the STDs remain untreated, they may cause severe health concerns. These may even have a chronic impact on the lives of people. At Paramount Clinic and Spa, the doctors will be able to suggest the type of STD tests that you should obtain.

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