Asthma/COPD Specialist, Houston TX

Many people who suffer from infections or respiratory problems may need help in breathing normally, like asthma, for instance. Such people struggle to inhale or exhale the air on their own and, therefore, may need some medical attention. Breathing treatments may ease the breathing process and help a person cope in case of an attack.

The physicians at Paramount Clinic and Spa provide medical treatment with a nebulizer or an inhaler. The devices support a person to inhale the medicines that open the respiratory tracts and improve breathing.

Our direct primary care provides in-office breathing treatment to patients depending on the medical condition of a person. Furthermore, the physician would prescribe medication to control asthma or treat bronchitis or other respiratory concerns.

We provide comprehensive Health Care for You and Your Family to help you get healthy and stay well

Getting a doctor who listens to all your concerns in detail without being in a hurry to take the next patient is a blessing. At Paramount Medical Clinic and Spa, our health care specialists listen to all your health concerns and help to organize your appointment with a specialist, if needed.